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GridShape has a powerful HTTP API that allows you to create, edit and delete nodes on your system diagrams all in realtime.

How to use the API

A shape is any diagram in your organization. Each shape has a unique guid identifier which can be found the url of the page when you open a shape or in the settings of your shape.
A node is any item in your diagram. This is true for arrows, icons, text, databases, servers, etc. Each node has a unique id within the properties. This unique id is used when making an API request.

Getting started

To connect to the API you need a GridShape API Key. To generate a new key, go to your Account Page and click the create button.
Your request can append your API key as a query parameter
Or it can be set on the 'x-user-key' header
x-user-key : BY74KPQ-7QKEFEQ-V4DY2MA-QJE2IOJ
Or on the Authorization header as a Bearer token
Authorization : Bearer BY74KPQ-7QKEFEQ-V4DY2MA-QJE2IOJ

JSON only

GridShape's API expects all POST/PUT requests to send JSON data with a content type header of 'application/json'.
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